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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - Update the docs
    Use events instead of messages as it is probably better known to
    CallbackHandler users.
    For consistency
    - Update the traits if a relic changed
    Remove numRanksPurchased from the event arguments as it is irrelevant if
    the traits were changed because of a relic change
    - Fix a few left-overs
    - Pass the artifactID to ARTIFACT_RELIC_CHANGED
    - Deactivate old versions and hide the event handlers
    - Detach some functions from the frame
    - Track the active artifact
    The equipped artifact is not always the active one. Sometimes the game
    fails to change weapons when the player switches to another spec
    - Attach the callback object to the library object
    To not loose registered callbacks from previous versions
    - Make it load on demand
    - Fix .pkgmeta
    - Remove SavedVariables
    - Add a README and use .docmeta
    - Use .pkgmeta instead of a hard embed
    - Hard embed LibStub and CallbackHandler-1.0
    - Get and inform about relic slot changes
    The case where a relic just got unlocked need testing since the artifact
    UI won't be opened in that case and I don't know if ARTIFACT_UPDATE
    fires for it.
    - Move knowledge data to the artifacts table
    - Update the knowledge level at CURRENCY_DISPLAY_UPDATE
    Knowledge level changes don't trigger ARTIFACT_UPDATE, however we can
    get the knowledge multiplier only after ARTIFACT_UPDATE, so update the
    level and inform about missing data
    - Actually if we don't have it, then it's new
    - Scan the bank on BANKFRAME_OPENED instead on PEW
    Bank data is not available unless the player is at the bank
    - Check against the item classID too when scanning the bags
    Artifacts are not the only items of that quality. Artifact Research
    Notes are too.
    - Account for unequipped artifacts on ATRIFACT_XP_UPDATE
    At the Forge the player can purchase traits even for unequipped
    - Store the relic links too
    - A bit of debug
    - Only scan it we don't have the data yet
    - Rename powerForNextTrait
    Rank is the right name as the player purchases ranks rather than traits
    - Add the itemID to the ARTIFACT_XP_UPDATED message
    - Add GetArtifactKnowledge() to the API
    - Use the same format for all messages
    - Remove numTraits
    use #artifacts[artifactID].traits instead
    - Add GetArtifactPower(artifactID) to the API
    - Also return the artifactID for traits and relics
    - Actually store the scanned traits
    - Cover artifact respec
    - Delay registering PLAYER_EQUIPMENT_CHANGED
    to avoid double-scannig
    - Fix power gains and cover perks update
    TODO: check traits refund
    - Initial commit