Create a new About panel. Could be used with AceConfig-3.0 or without. Works the same as Ackis' LibAboutPanel

@name //addon//:CreateAboutPanel @paramsig AddOn[, parent] @param AddOn name of which you are attaching the panel. String @param parent AddOn name in Interface Options. String or nil -- If parent is provided, panel will be under [+] -- otherwise the panel will be a normal AddOn category @return frame To do as you wish @usage local aboutFrame = MyAddOn:CreateAboutPanel("MyAddOn", "MyAddOn") -- OR MyAddOn:CreateAboutPanel("MyAddOn", "MyAddOn")

Creates a table of an AddOn's ToC fields. Requires AceConfig-3.0 options table

see http://www.wowace.com/addons/ace3/pages/api/ace-config-3-0/

@name //addon//:AboutOptionsTable @param AddOn name string whose ToC you want parsed @return aboutTable suitable for use with AceConfig-3.0 @usage -- assuming options is your top-level table local options = {} -- put your regular stuff here options.args.aboutTable = MyAddOn:AboutOptionsTable("MyAddOn") options.args.aboutTable.order = -1 -- use any number in the hierarchy. -1 means "put it last" LibStub("AceConfig-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("MyAddOn", options)