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lightweight tag 1f908c0a58bf78e44f348fc1e33597943b693121 v4.0.3-beta1
Author:    Dan Dumont <[email protected]>
Date:    Tue Nov 6 17:39:13 2018 -0500

commit 1f908c0a58bf78e44f348fc1e33597943b693121
Author: Dan Dumont <[email protected]>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 17:39:13 2018 -0500

    update versioning

commit e879fb7ea838362853b8139bc748cc505b4fd242
Author: VideoPlayerCode <[email protected]>
Date:   Wed Oct 31 18:53:23 2018 +0100

    Rewrite sort to use constants, fixed asc-desc bug

    - Renamed main library table to "lib", to follow LibStub conventions.

    - Added flag constants (.SORT_ASC and .SORT_DSC) as replacements for the
      old "asc" and "dsc" string system. Numbers are much faster to compare
      than string equality, which speeds up the sorting algorithm even more.
      And having flags removes the risk of unintentional string typos by users.

      Usage: ["defaultsort"] = st.SORT_ASC,

    - Moving to a new flag-system allows us to fix old bugs! Fixed the
      long-standing library bug where "asc" was actually descending order,
      and "dsc" was actually ascending order. The new .SORT_ASC flag is
      now *real* ascending order, and .SORT_DSC is descending.

    - Full backwards compatibility. If the user provides a "cols" table with
      old "asc" or "dsc" strings, those will automatically be converted to
      the new flags, with full preservation of the expected sorting behaviors
      of those old strings: "asc" => .SORT_DSC, "dsc" => .SORT_ASC.

    - The default sort order for columns where no order has been provided by
      the user is, unfortunately, .SORT_DSC, (ie. "d", "c", "b", "a" order),
      since that's how the older versions of the library defaulted. If a new
      major library version is released in the future, the default order should
      be changed to .SORT_ASC since that's more intuitive.