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  • _ForgeUser73574 created this issue Oct 15, 2010

    What steps will reproduce the problem?

    1. Install Postal (I think other automatic mail opener should work)
    2. Buy stuff from AH so you got more than 50 mails
    3. Start auto-opening mails with Postal
    4. When the first 50 was collected, wait for the refresh (Postal tries it every 10s, but only has effect after 1 min after last refresh/first open)

    Probably it is the same when you try to refresh the mailbox without Postal, with not closing the mail window, just clicking the mailbox again, but I did not try it.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

    When the refresh is made, IA reduces the prices of all items in then next mail batch, so that after I collect that batch, the price will be the same. (Same price is only a guess)

    In my example, I bought I bought 75 Infinite Dust for 1g 20s, stacks of 1. After collecting the first 50, total invested price of the dust went up by 60g, as expected (already had a few). When Postal refreshed the mailbox, IA gave a message that the dust's price was reduced by 30g, even though the amount in my possession did not change. When I collect the remaining 25, dust investment price went back up with 30g (same price it was reduced by at mailbox refresh).

    What version of the product are you using?


    Provide any other Info

    I guess the error is somewhere around the timing how IA and DataStore refreshes mail, as when I close the mailbox it does not observe this problem. At automatic refresh IA updated the mailbox before DataStore, so IA thought the amount I got changed. But this is just a guess, can be something else too.

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    Just cleaned up the formatting to make it easer to read.

  • _ForgeUser977559 posted a comment Oct 15, 2010

    " IA gave a message that the dust's price was reduced by 30g"

    Do you happen to have the exact message? Was it the one that says "Updated price of Infinite Dust from 60g to 30g. (total change:30g)"?

  • _ForgeUser73574 posted a comment Oct 15, 2010

    Pretty much yeah, just I had more before I bought stuff, so instead of 60g it was 72g 45s (or something) and was updated to 42g 45s. The actual change was the amount what I collected after.

    I also reproduced the very same thing with Greater Eternal Essences, it updated price from 424gish to 17xg, and after collection the total invested was 424g again.

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