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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.3a


2010-11-29  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug where your equipped items were not counted as items in your inventory. If you replaced an equipped item and one of them had a cost associated, it would transfer the value between the two.

2010-10-18  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed some debugging code that caused characters on your own account to use the cross-account mail.
- Addes support GnomeWorks and ATSW queues.

2010-10-16  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed references to 'this' which Blizzard removed in 4.0.1

2010-10-13  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Better solution for item links.
- Updated TOC so it isn't considered out of date.

2010-10-12  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed item links for 4.0.1

2010-10-08  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 45 - Added the ability suppress COD warnings when mailing to characters on other accounts in Altoholic/DataStore. Instead of sending COD, ItemAuditor will send tracking info in the message. Thanks to Zerotorescue for giving me the solution to detect whether or not Postal or MailOpener is processing. It was the last step holding this back from being released.

2010-10-06  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 46 - Added DataStore_Characters to the list of dependencies. It should have been added with Ticket 43.

2010-10-02  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- I removed the persistent queue (Ticket 33) It caused to many bugs and was blocking me from getting other things done. I think its something that will get implemented again once I figure out the best way to do it.
- Ticket 43 - Updated the way ItemAuditor counts how many of each item you own to only count your current faction.
- Ticket 42 - In order to fix an issue with having multiple items that are the same base item with different enchants, all costs are now tracked against the base item instead of the exact item.
- Fixed an issue with /ia invested that caused all items to display twice. This was introduced by the fix in Ticket 42.

2010-09-15  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 41 - Fixed a bug that occured if you created items without ever opening /ia crafting.
- Ticket 40 - Added options to enable counting guild bank inventory.

2010-09-03  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Re-enabled IA QuickAuctions decider. I unintentionally disabled it when working on the QAManager code.
- Ticket 39 - Updated the ItemAuditor window to be pulled to the front when it opens.

2010-09-02  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Updated the ArkInventory rule and tooltip to work in QA is compatible instead of if its enabled in ItemAuditor.
- Moved the check for QAManager so it doesn't interfere with the tooltip or ArkInventory rule.
- Update GetItemCost to return the total invested even if you have none of that item left. If you sell all of an item but are waiting for the mail to arrive, you can still see how much you have invested even though you don't actually own any more of that item.
- Changed Total Profit to Profit Each to match the rest of the interface. Cost and Estimated Sale are both Each.
- When using the process button for Enchanting, ItemAuditor will check which vellum is used and will use the vellum from your inventory. If the correct vellum is not found, it will upgrade to the next level (use vellum II instead of vellum I). This also means that you have to press process for each scroll to be created.
- Changed the Have Mats column to show the number of items you could create with the materials you have instead of just a y/n. The have mats filter simply checks that you can make at least 1.
- Ticket 33 - Implemented a persistent queue. This allows the crafting queue to be seen even if your tradeskills aren't open and allows you to mix all of your tradeskills into a single queue.

2010-09-01  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Made some changes to begin migrating some QA functionality to QAManager (http://www.wowace.com/addons/qa-manager/)
- Ticket 35 - I found a better solution to prevent bag scanning from interfering with mailing, so both can be done at the same time now.

2010-08-30  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Updated Total Cost in /ia crafting to include the AH cut based on the price column. This will also reduce the profit column to consider the additional cost.
- Added an absolute Auction Threshold option. This will allow you to set your threshold at 10g (or whatever you choose) over your cost for all items.

2010-08-27  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added an option to enable the COD warning under /ia options > Messages > COD Warning. This is on by default.

2010-08-24  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 20 - Added a Skip Singles option to the Crafting Rules.
- Ticket 20 - Added a Bonus Queue to the Crafting Rules

2010-08-23  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 32 - Based on the patch from lrdx, I have chaned ItemAuditor to depend on DataStore directly instead of going through Altoholic.

2010-08-20  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 31 - Fixed an error in the 'You just made a profit of ...' message

2010-08-19  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 30 (related to #23) - ItemAuditor is back to counting items in the mailbox, but will subtract items purchased from the AH or COD mail from its item counts.
- Added a menu to allow the user to see what is to be crafted, only what you hae mats for, or view everything so you can see why something isn't to be crafted.
- Added a new Crafting Rules module to allow the user to set up custom rules based on item names.
- Converted the crafting threshold option to allow input instead of a drop down.
- Fixed reagent costs so that /ia snatch will get the correct prices.

2010-08-14  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Ticket 29 - Changed the Insufficient COD alert to use a case-insensitive comparison on character names.

2010-08-12  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- API: added IAapi.GetItemCost

2010-08-11  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed an issue where trading an item and gold in exchange for a different item was not considering the gold in the price of the new item.
- Fixed a bug where postage was being counted more than once if you send mail and then open mail in the same session.
- Added a warning when sending items with value to characters on other accounts.
- Added '/ia snatch'. This new command works with your queue (/ia crafting) to replace your snatch list with the materials you need for crafting. NOTE: Auctioneer requires visiting the AH before you can modify the snatch list.
- Fixed Enchanting. I was not getting the ItemID correctly, so enchants could not be mapped to the scrolls they were to created
- Changed snatch to only add each item once and to only add a snatch for items you don't have
- API: Added haveMaterials to the item and need to the reagents that get passed to queue destinations. This is in preparation for building a shopping list module.
- API: Added a way for other addons to register with ItemAuditor once it loads if they were loaded first and updated the example at the end of Api.lua

2010-08-10  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Changed the ArkInventory rule to consider items with no competition to be profitable.
- Ticket 27 - Added the ability to select your preferred auction adodn if multiple are available.
- Added options when using Auctioneer to use the market price instead of the lowest price on the AH.

2010-08-08  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed some debugging code and added some code to prevent ItemAuditor from crashing if debug code gets released.

2010-08-07  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed references to Skillet in core functionality. Skillet really should be optional.

2010-08-03  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug introduced last night where in some cases there was an error caused by DataStore:GetAuctionHouseItemCount returning nil instead of 0 as I expected.

2010-08-05  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed Bug 22 - Exchanging player bags for bank bags changes invested
- Fixed Bug 23 - When you purchase multiple stacks of the same item and it is one you have not invested in yet, ItemAuditor mistakenly counted items you have not yet pulled from the mail as items you already owned. This resulted in those items being counted twice.

2010-08-01  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed the tooltip so that it is green if the auction price exactly matches your threshold.
- Changed the QuickAuctions decider to consider the number already owned and only calculate based on what needs to be crated.
- Fixed the QuickAuctions decider to return the number of items to be created instead of the number of times to create. This makes a difference with things like Runescroll of Fortitude where 5 are created at once.
- Fixed a problem with how prices were being pulled from Auctioneer.

2010-07-29  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug where tradeskill that don't produce items, like Inscription Research, cause IA to crash.
- Added some API enhancements.
- Added ArkInventory as an optional dependency so it will be loaded before IA.

2010-07-28  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug with the crafting threshold options.
- Updated /ia queue so that it is a shortcut to using /ia crafting and then clicking export.
- Added integration with ArkInventory. You can set up rules that use "itemauditor('profitable')" or "itemauditor('qa')" to find items managed by QuickAuctions.
- Added a public API so other addon developers can register themselves as a queue destination and added a UI so users can select that destination.
- Added a config option to control how many extra copies of an item are created if its being managed with QA. The previous behaveior was to add 25% to whatever QA would normally post. Now it defaults to 0% and is user configurable.
- Added options to enable or disable crafting deciders.

2010-07-27  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed an infinite loop when when adding items to the Skillet queue from the crafting interface.
- For Developers: Changed ItemAuditor to no longer be in the global namespace
- For Developers: Added IAapi to the public namespace so other addons can interact with ItemAuditor.

2010-07-25  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added the version number to the title in ItemAuditor options.
- Implemented a crafting interface. This will eventually replace /ia queue, but for now they are two separate features.

2010-07-22  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- I Added an option to direct ItemAuditor output to a different chat frame.

2010-07-21  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug where if you attached money and items to a piece of mail it would count all of the money as postage.

2010-07-21  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed the way prices were being calculated as items were being created/destroyed/converted/crafted. see http://www.wowace.com/addons/itemauditor/tickets/7-create-options-for-how-to-distribute-value-when-creating/

2010-07-18  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Implemented COD mail (Ticket #1) and updated the way postage was counted so that if you mail multiple items at once, they will all have the postage counted. I also removed the 30c for postage from how QA thresholds are calculated now that they will be counted every time.
- Added a dialog to allow the user to send COD mail without a tracking number.
- Replaced my edit window with a static popup. This looks and behaves better this way.
- Fixed a couple nil related bugs
- Fixed the way prices were being calculated as items were being created/destroyed/converted/crafted

2010-07-18  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added color coding to the minimum price tooltip. If your minimum price is below the current auction price, it wll be green, otherwise it is red.
- Added the ability to change the price of an item. You can click the Total Invested or the Invested Each to change the value.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the number owned was not being updated, so you might have 3 of an item but it was calculating as if you only had 1.
- Added the ability to suspend and resume ItemAuditor (Ticket #8). To access this feature use "/ia suspend".

2010-07-17  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug that occurs if you take a flight point and the first thing you kill only has one item. ItemAuditor was incorrectly attaching the cost fo the flight to the cost of that item.

2010-07-16  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added an interface to be able to view what you have invested in. I still need to build a way to modify this information,
- Bug fix
- Changed 'Count' to '# Owned' and made it right aligned.

2010-07-14  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed Bug #9 - If existing items have 0c invested, increase them all to match the first transaction that changes their price.

2010-07-11  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Fixed a bug with the mail where items get recorded by the mail scanner and the bag scanner.
- Fixed some minor issues not visible to the user.

2010-07-08  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added a (hopefully) more readable changelog.
- I have removed the ability to show debug messages in the chat window and have replaced it with a new debug frame. /ia debug will show all of the debug messages and everything that IA has printed.
- Fix a small bug so that if you sell something for your exact cost you don't get a message that says you made a profit of 0c.
- Added more debug messages
- The debug window will scroll with the scroll wheel

2010-07-06  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Changed QA to be an option part of /ia queue. If QA is there, IA will queue enough of an item to be created to have 1.25x QA auctino count x QA stack size (rounded up) items. If it is not there, it will create 1 on every profitable item. This commit also adds support for Auctioneer.

2010-07-04  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added options for the crafting threshold and auction threshold. I also fixed the queue to use the item cost to determine if there is enough profit instead of the auction (QA) threshold which already has profit built in.
- Expanded the queue system to calculate what the new QA threshold would be and to consider buying items from vendors. It also sets a threshold so that items with less than 5g profit will not be crafted. I will turn this into an option later.

2010-07-03  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Added the missing QuickAuctions module. I've also added integration with Skillet and LilSparkysWorkshop. IA and queue any item set up in QuickAuctions where the reagent cost is less than the current price of the item. This is based on KevTool Queue.
- Changed tooltip to be less confusing on the price per item.
- Cleaned up the messages. You can turn the notifications of price changes off and those messages will only show gold or silver if they are more than 0. I have also removed the dependency on AceConsole because it doesn't allow changing the color of the addon name when I print messages.
- Merged utils into ItemAuditor.
- updated the toc and .pkgmeta info

2010-07-02  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>
- OPTIONS! QuickAuctions is now an optional dependency. I have also added some configuration options for it. If you have QA but don't want IA to update your thresholds you can shut off the integration. I have also added other options so you can select your faction or the neutral AH and it will update the tooltip.

2010-06-30  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed dependency on DevTools, completed chaning over the database to use links instead of names, Added integration with my version of QuickAuctions3 (I need to make this optional soon)
- Fixed the ability to toggle debug

2010-06-25  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Updated version and added a dependency on my modified API for QuickAuctions. Next I need to make that dependency optional
- Changed the way things are stored so that items known only by name, usually from AH mail, will be stored by their name, but will get converted if the link is discovered through a tooltip. This version is funcioning again

2010-06-23  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Working on converting the database to store items as links instead of names.

2010-06-08  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed some of the extra debugging that isn't neccessary any more and abtracted out the item ids so they can be cached.

2010-05-26  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removed dependency on postal. It was only being used to determine the mail type which has been moved into ItemAuditor so I can support CODPayments. Paying for COD items works, but getting the payments back can't reliably associate the payment with an item yet.
- work in progress: I added Prospecting and Disenchanting and AHOutbid mail and I also changed the initialization to quit forcing debug every time ItemAuditor loads and have begun to implement the COD mail scanning.

2010-05-22  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>
- Fixed Milling. Disenchating will probably have to be fixed the same way
- Code cleanup.

2010-05-20  Asa Ayers  <Asa.Ayers@Gmail.com>

- Removing libs from my repo so I can use externals instead
- comment/debugging code cleanup
- First public revision.
- At this point ItemAuditor watches mail for auctions sold or purchased, watches for buy/sell (money and 1 item type change) and conversions/tradeskills. Milling isn't working yet because there is too much time between the first event and the last event.