Currency Not Showing #73

  • Defect
  • JaconKin created this issue May 3, 2023

    With 10.1 My currencies are no longer being shown in the bag, I'm hoping you will fix this soon, thanks for making such a simple but great addon though. 

  • JaconKin added a tag Defect May 3, 2023
  • nezorflame posted a comment May 8, 2023

    same issue here.

  • TightwadTheMage posted a comment May 10, 2023

    same issue for me as well

  • nezorflame posted a comment Jul 8, 2023

     @nevcairiel any news?

  • ikolism posted a comment Jul 12, 2023

    Same here! They briefly showed up when I logged in for the new patch today, but they're gone again.

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