Getting Error 1000s of times: CursorCanGoInSlot #65

  • jamesbearclaw created this issue Dec 5, 2022

    2163x Inventorian/Bag.lua:287: attempt to call global 'CursorCanGoInSlot' (a nil value)
    [string "@Inventorian/Bag.lua"]:287: in function `UpdateCursor'
    [string "@Inventorian/Bag.lua"]:274: in function `Update'
    [string "@Inventorian/Bag.lua"]:170: in function `Set'
    [string "@Inventorian/Frame.lua"]:354: in function `UpdateBags'
    [string "@Inventorian/Frame.lua"]:342: in function `ToggleBagFrame'
    [string "@Inventorian/Frame.lua"]:239: in function `OnBagToggleClick'
    [string "*Frame.xml:201_OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*Frame.xml:201_OnClick"]:1>

    self = InventorianBag2 {
    0 = <userdata>
    OnEnter = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:247
    UpdateBagTooltip = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:397
    UpdateFilterIcon = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:318
    OnClick = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:217
    UpdateLock = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:278
    FilterIcon = Frame {
    UpdateSlotInfo = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:294
    UpdateTooltip = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:381
    GetBagID = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:195
    GetPlayer = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:412
    FilterDropDown = InventorianBag2FilterDropDown {
    IsLocked = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:461
    count = InventorianBag2Count {
    PurchaseSlot = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:355
    IsBackpackBag = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:436
    HighlightItems = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:346
    IsBank = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:424
    GetInventorySlot = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:452
    IsBackpack = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:420
    Update = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:269
    IsBankBag = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:440
    GetInfo = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:456
    UpdateCursor = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:284
    SetCount = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:327
    IsPurchasable = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:448
    OnDrag = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:243
    Set = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:162
    IsReagentBank = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:428
    hasItem = "|cffa335ee|Hitem:183634::::::::70:253::::1:28:1401:::::|h[Papa's Mint Condition Bag]|h|r"
    OnEvent = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:199
    ClearHighlightItems = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:350
    OnShow = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:265
    IsCached = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:416
    IsReagentBag = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:432
    Pickup = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:342
    IsCustomSlot = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:444
    Free = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:155
    OnLeave = <function> defined @Inventorian/Bag.lua:258
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = 31
    (*temporary) = "attempt to call global 'CursorCanGoInSlot' (a nil value)"

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