Feature request (Bagnon style gold feature) #63

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  • xerrabaldy created this issue Nov 27, 2022

    Thanks a lot for doing this add-on. It's working fine and I think I've finally got the perfect replacement for Bagnon. Most of the stuff I actually need from a bag add-on is present in inventorial, just the one thing I miss is the gold tracking across your chars on the server.


    When I hover over the gold display on the bag in Bagnon, an overlay pops up while the pointer remains there which displays a list of all the characters I have on that server, in their class colour, with how much gold they have in their inventory. It automatically closes when you move the pointer off the gold display on the bag.


    I'd love to see that added into Inventorian if it's possible?


    Thank you.

  • xerrabaldy added a tag New Nov 27, 2022

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