Feature request for bag sorting #51

  • residue_sol created this issue May 23, 2021

    Hey  there,


    I really appreciate your nice addon. However, could you look into the possibility to place looted items at the bottom of each bag, rather than the top? It could be done by reversing the slot order for each bag like in combuctor.


    Looking forward to your reply!

  • vomaufgang posted a comment Sep 28, 2021

    Hey residue_sol,


    you can control the order the bags are displayed in by editing line 36 in Inventorian.lua inside the addon folder.


    The original line reads


            bags = { BACKPACK_CONTAINER, 1234 }


    The order inside the brackets dictates the order the bags are displayed in. If you invert it like so


            bags = { 4321, BACKPACK_CONTAINER }


    you should achieve the desired effect.


    Note: I am not the author and thus unable to add this as an option. You'll have to edit this line every time Inventorian gets updated.


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