Any way to add masque support? #5

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  • Forge_User_18950815 created this issue Aug 12, 2019

    Great addon so far! Is there any way you can add the masque support?

  • Forge_User_18950815 added a tag New Aug 12, 2019
  • nevcairiel posted a comment Aug 12, 2019

    How well does Masque work with item buttons? Does it even support all the special elements, borders, glow overlays, etc?

  • Forge_User_18950815 posted a comment Aug 16, 2019

    i think so... because i used it always with bagnon...


    but i like your addon so much because of the textures...


    unfortenately it has not much options, such as flashing the same item by alt (or whatever)+click



    Hope you will update it and make new options!

  • Galthariel posted a comment Nov 26, 2022

    Masque will be a GREAT addition and as well as the ability to change the Background color. I like it as almost transparent. Thanks much for this great addon.

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