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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.0.0


Inventorian (2022-10-24)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • Anchor cached item tooltips properly
  • Cleanup unused luacheck entries
  • Move from metatables to Mixins
    This ensures our own functions always take precedence, especially as the
    container frames now use mixins with a bunch of methods themselves.
  • Fix ItemClass enum change in 10.0
  • Compat shims for 10.0 pre-patch
    This should hopefully revert cleanly after 10.0.2 hits live servers.
  • Update money/token frame behavior to match vanilla
  • Update for container API changes in
  • Update for template changes in latest build
  • Fix another portrait update
  • Remove insecure GetBackpackFrame hook
    It should not be required and was tainting more then was needed, as well
    as breaking opening the menu with Esc.
  • Tweak money and currency display
  • Improve lookup of uncached items for cached characters
  • Update TOC for 10.0
  • Update frame template for WoW 10.0
  • Update event handling for WoW 10.0
  • Support for the reagent bag slot in the inventory
  • Update bag filter dropdowns for 10.0
  • Fix token UI integration for 10.0
  • CURSOR_UPDATE was changed to CURSOR_CHANGED in 10.0
  • Replace SetMinResize for WoW 10.0
  • Limit where the master packaging action runs
  • Update packaging script