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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.3.0


tag 2.0.0
emelio <emelio.wow@gmail.com>
2011-12-15 14:12:25 +0100

InspectEquip 2.0.0:
- Updated for Patch 4.3
- Large parts of the addon were rewritten

- Completely new and updated database, including:
- Items from Dragon Soul and the new 5 man dungeons
- The new Darkmoon Faire items
- Guild Vendor items
- Up to date Justice/Valor/Honor/Conquest items
- New crafted items
- Molten Front items
- Legendary items
- ... and more

- Additionally, a local database is now created the first time the addon is loaded
- This database contains raid drops as listed in the Encouter Journal
- It is automatically updated with every new WoW patch and can also be manually be recreated in the addon options

- The way the item database works has changed
- It now lists the exact source of the items
- For example, T-set items are listed as vendor items with their cost, e.g. tokens and/or points
- For each of the required items (e.g. tokens, lower versions of the same item), their source is also listed in the item tooltip (e.g. raid drop)
- This makes the item source information more accurate and also supports upgraded heroic items etc.
- Also, only ways the item can be obtained in the current patch are listed. For example, items that could be bought using Valor Points in 4.2 are now listed under Justice Points.


    - Version 2.0.0
    - Add new crafted items from patch 4.3
    - Add new Darkmoon Fair items
    - Add T13 items
    - Fix for raid finder difficulty
    - Shorten tooltips for items that drop in all modes
    - Add option to limit the number of sources displayed in tooltips
    - Also recreate the database when the locale changes
    - Add button to reset the local database
    - Only recreate database when client was updated
    - Add first version of local database (based on Encounter Journal)
    - Add some first Dragon Soul items
    - Add support for raid finder loot
    - Add some Alizabal loot (new Baradin Hold boss)
    - Add loot for the new 4.3 dungeons
    - Conquest/Honor point update for 4.3
    - Valor/Justice Point update for 4.3
    - Add missing Zul'Gurub items
    - Add detailed raid/dungeon mode info to tooltip
    - Add missing Hyjal Summit items
    - Add more missing items
    - Compress source list for items that drop from multiple bosses
    - Another big database update
    Including fixes for dungeons
    - Translation update
    - Database update
    Hopefully fixes missing raid items
    - Add legendary items
    - Add Kirin'Tor rings
    - Add Molten Front items
    - Add Guild Vendor items
    - Add items obtained using Crystallized Firestone
    - Fix for lua error in panel
    - Add source information to AtlasLoot tooltips (latest version)
    - Fix for crafted items
    - Fix for zone names
    - Category system improvements
    - First part of big 2.0 update
    - Updated Valor/Justice Point items

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