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  • 4.3.0


tag 1.9.9-beta2
emelio <emelio.wow@gmail.com>
2011-12-10 17:15:05 +0100

InspectEquip 1.9.9-beta2:
- Added a first version of a local database:
- This database is created using information from the Encounter Journal
- It will be (re)created when the client or addon are updated
- It can also be manually recreated using a button in the configuration
- Currently, a few sources are displayed twice. This will be fixed in a later release.

- Added T13 items
- Added an option to limit the number of sources displayed in tooltips


    - Add T13 items
    - Fix for raid finder difficulty
    - Shorten tooltips for items that drop in all modes
    - Add option to limit the number of sources displayed in tooltips
    - Also recreate the database when the locale changes
    - Add button to reset the local database
    - Only recreate database when client was updated
    - Add first version of local database (based on Encounter Journal)
    - Add some first Dragon Soul items
    - Add support for raid finder loot
    - Add some Alizabal loot (new Baradin Hold boss)
    - Add loot for the new 4.3 dungeons
    - Conquest/Honor point update for 4.3
    - Valor/Justice Point update for 4.3

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