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  • jlam created this issue Mar 20, 2012

    (Originally a project comment on, but more properly moved to a ticket.)

    The Guarded by the Light changes in the most recent alpha (r30) make an assumption that is not always true. The assumption is that if GBTL is up, then it will absorb all damage regardless of any other absorption aura that is currently on the player. This is definitely untrue in a variety of cases:

    1. The player is standing under an Anti-Magic Zone which will absorb magic damage.
    2. The player has a spell absorption buff that will absorb magic damage.
    3. The player has an absorption buff that will expire before GBTL.

    In the three (non-exhaustive) cases listed above, GBTL will not be used first.

  • jlam added the tags New Defect Mar 20, 2012

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