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  • Graveeater created this issue Feb 25, 2009

    Please add automatic switching support for Deadly Boss Mods.

  • Graveeater added the tags New Enhancment Feb 25, 2009
  • Graveeater added an attachment IHML.lua Feb 25, 2009


  • Ackis posted a comment Feb 25, 2009

    I don't use DBM myself, so if someone wants to submit a patch to get IHML working with it, feel free. Otherwise I won't be adding support in for it.

  • Ackis removed their assignment Mar 1, 2009
  • Graveeater posted a comment Mar 6, 2009

    Well, I don't know if I can do it, but i'll try anyway. Do you have some hints?

    As far as I can see, you use some AceEvent-2.0 features for BigWigs support, since DBM is not Ace I fear I nead a different approach.

    I am currently trying to hook DBM:NewMod, though im not sure when this gets called.

  • Graveeater posted a comment Mar 6, 2009

    The Bad News: DBM will call NewMod for all Bosses of the instance at the same time (when zoning in I suppose) (tested with CoA:Obsidian)

    The Good News: I think it will work for Instances with only one Boss (Malygos, Maghteridon, Onyxia). Not sure about World-Bosses though.

    Edit: Created attachment of modified IHML.lua, I would recommend to let Ackis check it though before using.

  • Ackis posted a comment Mar 10, 2009

    Sorry for the response delay, send me a PM on the WoWAce forums please. :)

  • Graveeater posted a comment Mar 10, 2009

    No Problem Ackis, i have not been very productive at all.

    My next attempt probably will be DBM:StartCombat but I am afraid this will be too late to change the macro. Maybe I will ask the DBM team for help tomorrow.

  • Graveeater posted a comment Mar 24, 2009

    Well, all my research has not produced anything valueable yet, the file is probably better than nothing, but it is far from good. Anyways I have changed to BigWigs (other reasons) again so I'm afraid I won't do much on this topic.

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  • Freydis88 posted a comment Aug 8, 2009

    I use DBM, so if there is anything I can do concerning support, please let me know. FYI: I use the German client.

    Greetings from Germany ;-)

  • Everglow1 posted a comment Aug 30, 2010

    Something like this might work:

    local function movin_on(bossname)
       for i,v in pairs (IMHL_Bosstable)
          if v=bossname then nextboss=IMHL_Bosstable[i+1]
       newmacro = IHML_Bossmacros[nextboss]
    DBM:RegisterCallback("kill", movin_on(...) end)

    IMHL_Bosstable would be an ordered table of bosses and IHML_Bossmacros would be a table of macros indexed by bossname.

  • Ackis removed a tag Accepted Aug 30, 2010
  • Ackis added a tag Started Aug 30, 2010
  • Ackis posted a comment Aug 30, 2010

    Exeglow_x, I just added in the code that Graveeater added in. If you want to submit a patch or do a push yourself to get it working.

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