PlayerHealth bar 90 degree angle (heal error) #350

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  • kanmor04 created this issue Nov 12, 2023

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    IceHUD version: 1.14.29

    Game version (Retail, PTR, Classic, BC-Classic, etc.): classic

    Description of issue/feature request: 


    I am using your addon very usefully.


    i used icehud 90 degree angle


    However, when receiving recovery, the translucent recovery bar that is created rotates as if the location has not been determined.


    We confirmed that this problem occurs not only with the recovery bar but also with color changes, etc.
    I also know that this problem is solved by disabling rotation to 90 degrees.


    But I want to use this HUD at 90 degrees.


    I'm using RivetBar for the bar pattern.
    If you create a 90 degree version in the bar pattern option,
    ex) RivetBar90
    Couldn’t it be solved this way?


    Or is there another solution proposed?

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  • Parnic posted a comment Nov 12, 2023

    I get an error trying to view that Google Drive link saying I don't have permission, but in general I don't have any plans to try and solve the 90 degree rotation bug. A rotated texture is not all that's required to fix this, you'd also need to change the logic to fill the bar sideways instead of vertically. The animation system I'm abusing to fake the 90 degree rotation does not handle quick updates.


    My suggestion for anyone wanting horizontal bars is to use a horizontal bar mod. There are tons and tons of unit frame mods out there that present information horizontally; IceHUD is meant to be used vertically.

  • kanmor04 posted a comment Nov 12, 2023

     sorry. The sharing target for the drive video was not specified.

  << Here's another video


    I understand that it is not easy to fix the problem of a 90 degree bar.

    We will provide a solution, even if it is a temporary solution.

    After reloading, uncheck the rotation setting to 90 degrees and check again,
    This problem will settle down for a while.
    Therefore, after loading, the HUD itself
    If you can turn the 90 degree rotation option on and off
    The problem can be solved in a simpler way. Is this possible?

    Or, create a small UI button for 90 degree users.

    When the button is clicked: The rotate 90 degree option is sequentially turned off and then turned on.


    This will have the effect of turning the rotate 90 degrees function off after reload and then turning it on.


    Edited Nov 12, 2023
  • Parnic posted a comment Nov 12, 2023

    If you'd like to submit a PR, I'd be happy to accept the change. Until this is solved one way or another, I suggest you use a different mod that is horizontal. I don't have much free time for this mod these days, and I'd rather use the time I have on something other than horizontal bar support.


    Edited Nov 12, 2023

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