Incoming mana? #323

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  • s0n0ris created this issue Oct 10, 2022

    Is there a way to display incoming for "playermana" or if not, would it be possible to eventually work in? Probably not a thing for a lot of classes but it's nice to have for keeping track of maelstrom when playing ele. I have a weakaura that does this now (not sure how the back end works) but vastly prefer icehud for hp/resource tracking. (Would have added this as a comment but curseforge isn't letting me lol)


  • s0n0ris added a tag Enhancement Oct 10, 2022
  • Parnic posted a comment Oct 10, 2022

    What does the weakaura look like? I'm not clear on any "incoming mana" APIs on the game client, but if someone were to submit code for this, I'd be happy to put it into the addon.

  • s0n0ris posted a comment Oct 10, 2022

    It's "Maelstrom - Bar" but oh now that I look at this I think he maybe hardcoded in the generation per cast per spell? I'm not great at interpretation. Guess that'd be annoying to maintain just for shamans.


    -- Predictive Casting
    aura_env.generators = 
        [188196] = 8,
        [51505] = 10,
        [117014] = 30,
        [210714] = 25  


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