Hunter pet health issue. #245

  • wowery created this issue Apr 15, 2019

    Don't play a hunter that much, so it's one of my alts that get leveled last, noticed recently that there was some issue with player health bars not dissapearing when they got full which was corrected on one of the prior updates.


    Started playing the hunter and the pet's health doesn't really keep up with the actual hp of the pet, sometimes it doesn't update as well as it used to.. the pet will be hurt let's say at about 20ish percent health and IceHUD would show its health bar still stuck at 60 percent.... one time my pet was dead and its health still showed with a low amount of hp but still alive.


    Of course there's no error that accompanies any of this behavior, any possiblity of taking a look when the health updates happen to they fire all the time, and for the health bar to dissapear at full if that's the option that you selected.   I know a wall of text sorry about that, just trying to make it as clear as possible.



  • Parnic posted a comment Apr 16, 2019

    Try the latest alpha build and see if that fixes it. (Switch your Twitch client to alpha builds for IceHUD or download directly from )

  • wowery posted a comment Apr 16, 2019

    Will give it a go and report findings, thanks.

  • wowery posted a comment Jun 3, 2019

    Been using my hunter and it seems this solved the issue of the pet's health not updating as often as it used to, now it seems the only thing left is when the hunter transitions from one instance to another the pets heath and power bar will stay on at 100% and not disappearing until you target something and then escape out to clear the target.  Otherwise the hp and power bars are following the settings to fade out at 100% in every other case and updating when damaged or healed.  Thanks.

  • Parnic closed issue Jun 3, 2019
  • Parnic posted a comment Jun 3, 2019

    Try v1.11.10.

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