Icehud drastically lower fps in raid. 1-10FPS! #242

  • 40P3 created this issue Jan 20, 2019

    Did a cpu usage cap at the darkshore WQ group. That and one more addon completely hogged the resources, but icehud killed it by 100%.

    Without Icehud enabled my FPS is 50-60in raid (still drastic slowdown, other addons also need to be fixed I guess. See screenshot:


    I'm using quiet minimalistic settings I would say, only me and target hp/mana/shield/cast, and a few things shows only.


    No error messages though.

    Version 1.11.8

  • Parnic posted a comment Jan 20, 2019

    Could you disable your modules in IceHUD half at a time until the fps returns in order to track down the problematic code? I don't raid and don't have any way of finding the problem myself. Seems to have been introduced by blizzard in 8.1.

  • 40P3 posted a comment Jan 22, 2019

    Hi Parnic,

    Can you explain what would you want me to do exactly?

    The Raid I mentioned are the Warfront raids and Weekly WQ Bosses. I'm yet to check out the proper Raid Instances at a later time.


    So you want me to start the fight with icehud let say disabled then enable it like half way when the boss is down to half HP or something?

    And what would you like me to do afterwards? Want me to send you to a log file maybe?

  • Parnic posted a comment Jan 22, 2019

    Much simpler than that, thankfully. What I'm trying to do is understand if there's a specific portion of IceHUD causing the problem, and if so, what it is.


    Whenever the performance problem starts, you can open the IceHUD options with /icehud and start disabling modules (select a module then un-check the "Enable" checkbox on the right side). If the performance suddenly improves drastically after disabling a specific module, then let me know which one and at least we know where to start looking for the problem. Right now I have no idea where to even start diagnosing something like this since it doesn't happen to me.


    I don't think a log file would help at this point.

  • Parnic closed issue Jun 3, 2019

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