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  • _ForgeUser10754722 created this issue Jan 20, 2016

    One pretty important thing that's missing from the cast bar is the ability to display the tick markers for channeled spells.

    This is important information e.g. for Arcane mages, because you need to interrupt Evocation after the 2nd tick as part of the burst rotation - interrupting a bit too early is lots of lost mana, and interrupting too late means lost DPS.

    Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to figure out the tick count for various spells. What some addons like Gnosis and Quartz do is contain what's essentially a hard-coded table of spells with known tick counts (some are haste dependent, but most are static, constant numbers), although Gnosis goes a step further and displays this table to the user as a configuration tab - allowing customization of tick counts, adding new spells, etc.

    Either way, despite there being no easy way to figure this out other than essentially hard-coding the information, it's still valuable information and the cast bar module would definitely benefit from its addition.

    Ps. Perhaps it would be a good idea to outsource this to a “LibTickInfo” or something of the sort, which contains re-usable tables and routines for figuring out a spell or debuff's tick count? That way IceHUD wouldn't have to hard-code anything except a dependency on a library.

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  • _ForgeUser10754722 posted a comment Jan 20, 2016

    Oh, as for the interface - I think the design of the current “marker” system would be an ideal fit. (And I can currently approximate the exact design I want by manually adding 4 markers in the right positions, with my desired color and height)

    Actually, that gives me an idea on how to very easily “cheese” this feature: Give CastBar markers an ‘only for spell’ setting, i.e. let me display a marker at 25% only if the spell being cast is ‘Evocation’.

    That way I can get the information I *want* (where is the second tick?) without IceHUD having to do anything advanced.

    (Incidentally, I have also wished for conditional markers for other bars, e.g. I want a conditional marker on the mana bar but only if I'm in Arcane spec - not frost spec)

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