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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.14.3


# Changelog


- Exposed the option in the Totems module to hide the Blizzard Totems frame or not, and changed the default value to not hide when on a version of the game that doesn't support right-clicking to destroy totems (any version after Wrath). This enables using the default Totems frame to cancel totems early.
- Fixed a reported error when playing Darkmoon Faire games.
- Added a few more Polymorph ranks to TargetCC for Classic. I'm sure there are more missing.


- Updated TOCs for 10.0.5


- Fixed PlayerAlternatePower bar showing up when it shouldn't have, such as when casting Power Word: Shield before ever having done anything to trigger a game-level "alternate power" event, such as mounting a Dragonriding mount.


- Fixed Vigor module hiding default Climbing, Film, etc. UIs. (wowace ticket #336)


- Added a module for showing Dragonriding Vigor points.


- Packaged a new version of LibDogTag-Unit to fix the Guild roster resetting its scroll position every 20 seconds.


- Fix an error in TargetTargetHealth/Mana and CustomHealth when Low Threshold Color was checked and Scale by Health % was un-checked.


- Fix Low Threshold to be usable even when Color By Health/Mana % is disabled. (ticket #334)


- Fix Color By Health % to work with Low Threshold Color option. Previously, if Low Threshold was set, the color was always either MaxHealth/MaxMana or MinHealth/MinMana, it would never be colored by health %. Now if both are set, it will scale by health % until it reaches the low threshold, at which point it will switch to the Min color.
- Fix Low Threshold color and flashing to work at the same percentage. Previously these were slightly different such that it would start flashing at 40% but not turn to the Min color until 39.9999%, for example.


- Add option to scale absorb bar by the unit's maximum health.


- Add ability for buff/debuff watchers to only display when the specified buff/debuff is missing. This also adds the ability to require that the given unit exists. So if you had Unit set to Target, Display mode set to Missing, and Only if unit exists checked, you'd show the bar if you have a target and they don't have the given buff/debuff.
- Don't flash the castbar for instant-cast spells that the player didn't cast (such as internal quest spells).
- Add DruidEnergy module (disabled by default). This module will show the player's Energy level if they're a Druid and currently shapeshifted to a non-energy-using form (eligible forms are configurable by the user).


- Fix castbar flashing. There are controls on the player castbar module for flashing when a spell succeeds or fails, and separate controls for flashing when an instant cast completes. Those were broken, but now work again.
- Add "@" after the number when the Combo Points module is in Numeric mode, "Show Charged points" is enabled, and the current combo point is charged.
- Fix Charged point support in the ComboPointsBar module.


- Update TOC for 10.0.2


- Add Spell ID support for aura tracking.
- Add Evoker support.
- Add Empowered Casting (hold-to-cast levels) support.


- Fix CC and Invuln modules not showing immediately when they should.


- Fix Hide Party feature on pre-10.0 clients.


- 10.0 compatibility
- Renamed Anima Charged combo points to Charged, and removed specific references to Kyrian.