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  • _ForgeUser724295 created this issue Nov 17, 2008

    "Would there be any way to have it not record a raid (or maybe auto delete a raid) if you never enter a pve raid instance?"

    Originally submitted by fritty (April 28, 2008)

    This enhancement requests HeadCount support for starting of a new tracked raid only upon recognition of entry into an explicit raid instance (Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, The Sunwell, etc.).

    Additional functionality could be added to enable or disable tracking for specific single instances or instance groups (10-man, 20-man, 25-man, 40-man).

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  • _ForgeUser724295 posted a comment Dec 23, 2008
    A new raid would only be allowed to start if no raid is currently active and the zone change is a supported instance. if (!isRaidActive && HeadCount.INSTANCES[zone]) then
     isRaidActive = true;
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  • _ForgeUser159954 posted a comment Mar 29, 2009

    I want options to able auto create New Raid depending on PvE instance change.

    Last week my raid starting in The Obsidian Sanctum and raid continued in Naxxramas. Final DKP String contains all boss kill in first zone ([CDATA[ - Zone: The Obsidian Sanctum - Boss: Sapphiron - 0 DKP]).

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