OOC configuration option for loot management popup #18

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Assigned to _ForgeUser724295
  • _ForgeUser724295 created this issue Nov 17, 2008

    "The loot popup menu works like a charm. One thing that came to mind, though... does it pop up during combat or only out of combat? Maybe an option for that would make sense. The menu would then only pop up once one is out of combat.

    An example for that would be the waves in Hyjal, where random loot often has to be distributed during combat."

    Original enhancement request by boergen2 (July 7, 2008)

    Add a configuration option to allow for displaying the loot management popup window only when the player is out of combat.  Once the player is out of combat, if any newly looted items are in queue, they will be displayed in the loot management popup window.

  • _ForgeUser724295 added the tags Accepted Enhancment Nov 17, 2008

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