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  • _ForgeUser492185 created this issue Jul 19, 2010

    *** Overview - Describe the feature from an end-user perspective.
    OK, I have the wowhead tooltips setup on my guild's forums, and use headcount to export raid data to the forums in bbcode (using phpBB_itemstats exporter format), however, I've slightly modified this myself so that it has the [armory] wowhead bbcode wrapped round the character name, so you get character tooltips on mouse over.

    *** Functionality - Describe the feature from a development perspective.
    Simply adding a new exporter format to exporter.lua with the ability to have character's names wrapped with [armory]char[/armory]

    *** Notes - Is there any additional information to provide regarding this feature?
    In order to get this working at present, I modify the lines that relate to the character lines in exporter.lua within the phpBB_itemstats function to change the character name text

    *** Use cases - How would a user make use of this feature?
    Simply by exporting the data in another format

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