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  • _ForgeUser2869813 created this issue May 21, 2010

    *** Overview - Describe the feature from an end-user perspective.
    theres times where i have dissconnected or System crash and i lose all the data from the raid so being able to Add Loot by editing raids would be great and not having to lose all data thats been saved and would save me frokm having to log out and back on every boss fight.
    *** Functionality - Describe the feature from a development perspective.
    Pretty much add the option that you can shift click an item via chat log or atlas loot to add into the loot information
    *** Notes - Is there any additional information to provide regarding this feature?
    Like i said befor i have to log off and on to gaurentee my data is stored since the WTF folder isn Saved till you log off and crashes will wipe any data between the last log on and the crash
    *** Use cases - How would a user make use of this feature?
    User's like myself use the mod to help track the amount of DKP that users paid to get the loot, so if data is wiped and theres no idea what the cost is since not all players would be that mature enough to tell what they paid.

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  • _ForgeUser359867 posted a comment May 22, 2010

    Is it a copy of my ticket ? =) 125-data-reset-on-game-closing

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