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  • _ForgeUser1204650 created this issue May 19, 2010

    *** Overview - Describe the feature from an end-user perspective.

    JSON is a standard notation for working with objects in Javascript.  Allowing exports in this format would be the absolute easiest way for web app developers to work with Heacount output.  Anyone implementing any form of DKP site right now has to parse the XML/CVS of the output, which takes a fair amount of code.  If Headcount allowed for exporting in the JSON format, it is literally one line of code to parse a raid string into a useable Javascript object that can be interacted with easily, allowing the developer to completely avoid having to parse anything.  This benefit doesn't just apply to Javascript, either.  the JSON format is so universal now that almost every major language has a parser written for it.

    *** Functionality - Describe the feature from a development perspective.

    Adding JSON export support should be fairly straightforward.  There is already code in place to allow the user to select one of several formats.  I doubt building a raid string in JSON format is any harder than XML (specifically, i've been using the EQDKP XML format), and the benefit to developers who are working with the output directly in code is huge.

    *** Notes - Is there any additional information to provide regarding this feature?

    *** Use cases - How would a user make use of this feature?

    Right now, I'm building a custom DKP site for my guild.  Currently, it takes me a significant amount of code to parse the various components out of the EQDKP formatted XML and build up a javasacript object to encapsulate the information, which I can then use to render the raid, make changes, serialize, then send to the server for processing.  If Headcount supported JSON-formatted output, my whole raid xml parser class would turn into "JSON.parse();" - literally.

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