Request from HC to start a new session or not. #126

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  • _ForgeUser384405 created this issue Jan 9, 2010

    *** Overview - Describe the feature from an end-user perspective.
    Often my guild visits more then one raiding instance a day but I often forget to close manually one session and start a new one before entering next instance. As a result I have several instances information (loot bosses etc) in one record. It would be great if HC could give a request to user to start a new a record on entering new instance.
    *** Functionality - Describe the feature from a development perspective.
    Entering more then 1 instance a day in the same raid (or more then one without manual closing a session and|or stop/start new raid) will request a user to start a new session/record or not.

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  • _ForgeUser359867 posted a comment Jan 9, 2010

    Nice idea. Often i must to clear the log from first half of raid, bosses, loot, Partial Raidattendences... And than the same with the second half. And than we went in 10 ppl inside the same raid... It will be hard logging =)

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