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  • _ForgeUser987030 created this issue Jan 6, 2010

    *** Overview - Describe the feature from an end-user perspective.
    This feature would allow for tracking guild members who are on-line.  Our guild is a bit different in that if you are on-line, you awarded DKP. This is our "standby".  The healers don't often like having extras in the raid, as it effects their healing.  Alternatively, quests are unable to be completed, so individuals often don't want to be in raid, so they can quest.

    *** Functionality - Describe the feature from a development perspective.
    When determining who is on the wait-list, auto-include certain guild ranks, or the guild as a whole.

    *** Notes - Is there any additional information to provide regarding this feature?

    *** Use cases - How would a user make use of this feature?
    This would allow more flexibility in locating who is on the "wait list" based on who is on-line

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  • _ForgeUser384405 posted a comment Jan 10, 2010

    Our guild let raiders who is a back-up of a main staff to be out of raid list or off-line (or even off-line and not in raid list), the only requirement is to be ready to come to raid in 5 minutes after RL request (ventrilo, icq etc). It means that when the raid is over some raiders are not in the list and they will not be imported into raid database. It's quite hard to remember every such raider so extra option from HC would be very appropriate.

    Giving HC the feature to manually put such raiders into the list (or request to remove or not them from the list before raid is closed) would greatly increase addon flexibility. =)

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