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Supported WoW Versions

  • 9.1.0



76ef719 (2021-07-04)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • Updated the Krasarang bonfire. Again.
    Reverts #9 and fixes #11
  • Bump Interface number to 90100.
  • Commit VSCode settings file.
  • Update issue config.
  • Add packager support for Wago Addons.
  • Updated for Shadowlands.
  • Add markers to the continent map.
  • Update README.md
  • Don't include README or CHANGELOG in the package.
  • Set theme jekyll-theme-slate
  • Migrate from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.
  • Bump Interface number to 80300.
  • Update issue templates.
  • Update .travis.yml
  • Update FUNDING.yml
  • Update README.md
  • Enable Travis-CI packaging.
  • Tweaked the notes for the bonfires in Silithus.
  • Added notes for the bonfires in Arathi.
  • Bump Interface number to 80200.
  • Update README.md
  • Remove more unused code.
  • Add Teldrassil's bonfires to the Kalimdor map.
    Partially fixes #10
  • Use a timer as well as events.
    I'm not sure events on their own are enough to detect things accurately. Of course, in an ideal scenario there would be a dedicated API for this sort of thing.
  • Update README.md
  • Corrected the marker for the Krasarang bonfire.
    Closes #9
  • Try using API Events as the timer doesn't seem to be working for everyone.
  • Replace deprecated function.
    Apparently the C_Calendar.GetDate() function was deprecated in 8.1.0 and will be replaced with C_DateAndTime.GetCurrentCalendarTime() at some point.
  • Check if the event is active on load rather than after a delay.
  • Nesting tweaks.
  • Remove some more unused code.
  • Remove unused code.
    WorldMapButton and WorldMapTooltip no longer exist.
  • Added bonfires in Zandalar and Kul Tiras
  • Added notes to tooltips.
  • Tweak.
  • Whoops.
  • Removed Zidormi
    Markers for her locations are on the in-game world map by default now.
  • Set theme jekyll-theme-slate
  • Create FUNDING.yml
  • Fixed TomTom waypoints.
  • Update README.md
  • Bump Interface number to 80100.
  • Updated engine for Patch 8.1.
  • Use server time instead of local time.
    Local time causes more problems than it solves.
  • Use local time instead of server time.
  • Updated for Patch 8.0.
  • Bump Interface number to 70300.
  • Don't create waypoints to bonfires you've already visited. Fixes #6.
  • Updated several bonfire locations. Closes GitHub ticket #4.
  • Updated calendar texture IDs.