LFG Xml error #16

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  • reaper666735 created this issue Aug 12, 2018



    get this when you try to 'click to find group' for rare's:


    2x FrameXML\LFGList.lua:562: bad argument #1 to 'SetSearchToQuestID' (outside of expected range -2147483648 to 2147483647 - Usage: C_LFGList.SetSearchToQuestID(questID))
    [C]: in function `SetSearchToQuestID'
    FrameXML\LFGList.lua:562: in function `LFGListCategorySelection_StartFindGroup'
    HandyNotes_LegionTreasures\handler.lua:394: in function <HandyNotes_LegionTreasures\handler.lua:379>
    [C]: ?
    HandyNotes\HandyNotes-v1.5.2.lua:59: in function <HandyNotes\HandyNotes.lua:54>
    HandyNotes\HandyNotes-v1.5.2.lua:175: in function `OnClick'
    HandyNotes\HandyNotes-v1.5.2.lua:400: in function <HandyNotes\HandyNotes.lua:399>

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