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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.0.2



Changes in v32

  • Add the locations for the Anomalous Animals of Argus achievement
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Dragonflight Treasures:
    • Avoid some unusual errors when checking achievement criteria
    • Use Blizzard waypoints if they're available and TomTom isn't installed
    • New menu item: make a waypoint for all related points
    • Routes can now appear on the minimap

Changes in v31

  • Updated for 10.0.2

Changes in v30.1

  • Fix an error with GetPlayerAuraBySpellID

Changes in v30

  • Updated for 10.0.0

Changes in v29

  • Use LibUIDropDownMenu-4.0 to avoid the taint mess of UIDropDownMenu
  • Just use the TOC title for the tooltips
  • Show a tooltip on the map icon
  • Don't create the point dropdown until it's needed
  • Label for criteria=true case should show achievement name

Changes in v28

  • Updated for 9.2.7

Changes in v27

  • Some cosmetic items were incorrectly saying they wouldn't drop for anyone

Changes in v26

  • Updated for 9.2.5, fixing errors about C_TransmogCollection
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Better labels for tooltip loot, showing item types
    • Option for loot only for your current character
    • Show more information about loading-items in tooltips if possible
    • Register the overlay in Krowi_WorldMapButtons-1.3 if it's present
    • Include Taintless

Changes in v25

  • Fixed a few Argus points, made them show on the minimap
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Paths will now highlight their associated route when you mouse over them
    • Minor performance improvement: code checking whether you could learn an appearance from an item wasn't caching negative results and so was running more than it needed to
    • You can hide all points related to an achievement from the right-click menu

Changes in v24

  • Pull in a lot of handler changes from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures
  • Add missed loot and fix a few loot errors (mostly legendaries that had crept in)
  • Add some missed rares to Antoran Wastes, and mark Orix the All-Seer
  • Two of the Marius and Tehd encounters in Azsuna had the wrong achievement criteria

Changes in v23

  • Update for 9.2

Changes in v22

  • Update for 9.1
  • Datamined for missing drops

Changes in v21

  • Added a bunch of missing achievement data, mostly around rares
  • Pick up fixes and improvements from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Treasures/Rares which drop collectable loot can be told to count as complete if you've got their drop
    • Treasures/Rares which are part of an achievement can be told to count as complete if you've got the achievement, regardless of their quest status
    • Changed how tooltips anchor on the map

Changes in v20

  • Made dog's pebble in Dalaran less obtrusive
  • Pick up fixes and improvements from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • You can now toggle off the button on the world map

Changes in v19

Changes in v18

  • Bumped TOC for 9.0.2
  • Options for showing/hiding points in particular zones
  • Optimize some checks by using GetPlayerAuraBySpellID

Changes in v17

  • Updated for Shadowlands

Changes in v16

  • Migrate to the new uiMapId system finally; fixes various areas which were showing icons on the wrong level of a map
  • Clean up some Demon Hunter starting experience treasures

Changes in v15

  • Updated for 8.1.5's tooltip changes.

Changes in v14

  • Flagged all the non-achievement Argus treasure chests as junk, and hid them by default
  • New config options: show/hide icons on the world map or minimap, and show/hide treasure
  • Achievement criteria based labels display better
  • Fixed some world map tooltip issues
  • Fixed TomTom right click integration

Changed in v13

  • Updated for 8.0.1
  • Left-click on rares to open up the group finder searching for them by name (thanks znf)
  • Many more treasures in Argus (thanks znf)
  • Missing from Azsuna
  • You know what, Broken Shore too. Bit out of order, but there we go.

Changed in v12

  • TOC for 7.3
  • Rares on Argus, still mostly missing treasures
  • Include Dog's pebble in Dalaran, if you've done the quests to have Dog available in your garrison
  • Missing chest in Val'sharah
  • Missing chest in Highmountain

Changed in v11

  • TOC for 7.2
  • Added the Wand of Simulated Life in Dalaran
  • Added post-Snowblind battle treasure in Highmountain
  • Darkpens treasures were mixed up
  • Watchman's Rock chest in Stormheim explained better

Changed in v10

  • Don't show minimap icons if you have the treasure map buff for that zone active.
  • Missing items in Val'sharah and Azsuna.
  • Missing rare in Azsuna: The Muscle.

Changed in v9

  • TOC for 7.1.
  • Include Emerald Winds, even though it's not technically a treasure.
  • Some helpful notes clarifying positions.
  • Missing Suramar treasure.

Changed in v8

  • Added more treasures to Suramar.
  • More entrances in Highmountain, also finally all the parts of the slow fall toy.
  • Fixed some treasures in Val'sharah, and noted some places where phasing requirements exist.
  • Fixed the Temple of Fal'adora marker on the Suramar surface so it won't vanish until you've gotten both the treasures below it.

Changed in v7

  • Tweaked the rare icon size.
  • Highmountain got a number of cave entrances marked.
  • Added more notes / fixes. (Thanks to: LaoTseu, Victaliaa. Ssateneth, DKong27)

Changed in v6

  • Added rares to all zones, because I got tired of people complaining and it's not like I don't have the dataset available from SilverDragon.
  • Added more Highmountain grapple points.
  • Made grapple point icon more visible.

Changed in v5

  • Show item previews in an attached tooltip rather than squeezing them into the main tooltip.
  • Change the item-icon setting default to false, and have it affect achievement icons and currency icons as well. Makes for a more legible map, on the whole.
  • Given their rarity in this expansion, give nodes with an actual item a special icon.
  • Separate nodes added for cave entrances / grapple points leading to treasures.
  • Fixes in Stormheim.

Changed in v4

  • Fixes to treasures in Azsuna, Val'sharah, and Stormheim.
  • Debug option for bug reporters: "show quest id".

Changed in v3

  • Lots of new treasures in: Stormheim, Suramar
  • A few missing treasures in: Azsuna, Highmountain, Val'sharah
  • Fixed Demon Hunter starting vault treasures to only display on the correct floors.

Changed in v2

  • Fix the default icons, since Blizzard changed ObjectIconsAtlas around.

Changed in v1

  • Initial dataset: limited coverage of all Legion zones.
  • Special handling for artifact-power as a fake currency, rather than just adding in a random power item.

Changed in v0.1

  • Initial framework for display.