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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 10.0.2



Changed in v30

  • The Assault rares weren't being shown because Blizzard removed the continient-level icons I was using to decide which assault was currently active, so I have changed the check
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Dragonflight Treasures:
    • Avoid some unusual errors when checking achievement criteria
    • Use Blizzard waypoints if they're available and TomTom isn't installed
    • New menu item: make a waypoint for all related points
    • Routes can now appear on the minimap

Changed in v29

  • Updated for 10.0.2

Changed in v28

  • Updated for 10.0.0

Changed in v27

  • Use LibUIDropDownMenu-4.0 to avoid the taint mess of UIDropDownMenu
  • Just use the TOC title for the tooltips
  • Show a tooltip on the map icon
  • Don't create the point dropdown until it's needed
  • Label for criteria=true case should show achievement name

Changed in v26

  • Updated for 9.2.7

Changed in v25

  • Include the Unbound Monstrosities and their loot

Changed in v24

  • Add option to show loot only for your current character
  • Better labels for tooltip loot, showing item types
  • Better fix for the C_TransmogCollection changes

Changed in v23

  • Updated for 9.2.5, fixing errors about C_TransmogCollection (in a rush, so there might be followup fixes)
  • Frightened Kodo spawn points in Darkshore will appear on your minimap now
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • More information in tooltips for items which haven't loaded from the server yet

Changed in v22

  • Vale of Eternal Blossoms: add a point for Malketh inside the Pools of Power
  • Mechagon: add the Secret Fish achievement, also see HandyNotes: Secret Fish for the follow-up
  • Nazjatar: hide the ravenous jellies once you've done their daily
  • Stormsong Valley: the lush flower bed point wasn't properly hidden after you did the event
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Paths will now highlight their associated route when you mouse over them

Changed in v21

  • Bring in updates to the handler code from ShadowlandsTreasures
  • Minor fixes to paths

Changed in v20

  • Updated for 9.2
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from ShadowlandsTreasures

Changed in v19

  • Updated for 9.1.5
  • Add progress tracker for the Friendly Alpaca
  • Bring in updates to the handler code from ShadowlandsTreasures

Changed in v18

  • Updated for 9.1

Changed in v17

  • Update for 9.0.5
  • Fix in the Get Hek'd achievement

Changed in v16

  • Now includes Darkshore, Arathi Highlands, Uldum, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms
  • Mechagon loot with associated quests now can count as "completed" if you've done the quest -- blueprints, paints, vinyl
  • Includes the honey events in Stormsong
  • Added missing loot to various rares
  • More new features from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Show a check/cross in summary tooltips next to knowable loot
    • Ability to track associated quests on loot

Changed in v15

  • More new features from HandyNotes: Shadowlands Treasures:
    • Toggle for the overlay button if you want to disable it
    • Daily rares which drop collectable loot can be told to count as complete if you've got their drop
    • Rares which are part of an achievement can be told to count as complete if you've got the achievement, regardless of their quest status
    • Changed how tooltips anchor on the map
  • Get Hek'd achievement is no longer missing some points
  • In the Belly of the Jelly achievement added to Nazjatar

Changed in v14

Changed in v13

Changed in v12

  • Config to hide particular achievements

Changed in v11

  • TOC for 9.0.2
  • Options for showing/hiding points in particular zones
  • Optimize some checks by using GetPlayerAuraBySpellID

Changed in v10

  • Add achievements:
    • Drust the Facts, Ma'am
    • A Loa of a Tale
    • Dune Rider
    • Carved in Stone, Written in Blood

Changed in v9

  • Make work in Shadowlands
  • Pepe'jin was hiding too well
  • Filled out some missing Jani trashpiles
  • Fixed Grayal's Last Offering for Alliance

Changed in v8

  • Mechagon chests from Jeremy Gaudet
  • Nazjatar rares and chests from Znuff
  • Feline Figurine Found achievement in Nazjatar

Changed in v7

  • 8.2: Mechagon and Nazjatar rares
  • Added the Hoppin' Sad achievement in Nazmir
  • Assorted missing treasures and rares

Changed in v6

  • Updated for 8.1.5
  • More complete in Drustvar
  • Include locations for Legends of the Tidesages
  • Include locations for Shanty Raid
  • More Zuldazar fixes from NLZ

Changed in v5

  • Include location for These Hills Sing
  • Include locations for Scavenger of the Sands (NLZ)
  • Include rares for Mushroom Harvest (NLZ)
  • Include rares for Life Finds a Way... To Die! (NLZ)
  • More questids and fixes for Vol'dun (NLZ)

Changed in v4

  • More questids for Tiragarde (done!) and Vol'dun
  • Removed the now-impossible "search for a group" feature
  • Fixed some misplaced icons

Changed in v3

  • Secret of the Depths in Boralus (which involved a few under-the-hood code changes to support...)
  • Stagger the Tiragarde Sound treasure-map treasures, so you only see them once you've found the right map
  • Fix hiding of found things if only the achievement criteria is known
  • Add various rare mob questids, for better tracking
  • Missing Stolen Thornspeaker Cache in Drustvar
  • More junk treasures

Changed in v2

  • Rare mobs for Adventurer achievements added
  • Bugfixes ported from LegionTreasures
  • Added in some junk treasures (hidden by default)

Changed in v1

  • Created with the achievement-related treasures