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    Dec 8, 2013
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 5.4.1


    - Fix a Lua error introduced a few commits ago happening when disabling/re-enabling the NamePlateHooker module. Also grab the latest version of LNR which fixes an unexpected incompatibility with Aloft.
    - Use a yellowy cross instead of a green one for friendly healers as it's probably better for color-blind people.
    - When an 'other class' icon is displayed (black background) it will be updated to a healer class icon if the unit casts a specialized healer's spell while the nameplate is displayed.
    - Merge all textures (12) into a single .tga file. Added symbols per class with a green cross for friendly healers.
    - Adjusted symbols' size and position.
    - Fixed "NamePlateHooker.lua:660 attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)" introduced in previous alpha
    - Implemented new great looking enemy healer symbols created by OligoFriends. There is a specific symbol for each healing class.
    WARNING: This alpha version has not been thoroughly tested, there might be unexpected problems with the symbols as I had to change the way they are handled internally.