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    May 23, 2012
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  • 4.3.4


    - Locals concerning the resizing options hadn't been exported
    - Fixes, optimizations and improvements to the NamePlateHooker module especially with ranks display.
    - - Improvements to logs' display: sorted per friends and foes with ranks and spells sorted by usage count (uses HHTD:pairs_ordered() iterator) - Fix when removing multi instanced healers (only remove from the name lookup table if it's the last) - Fix: HHTD_HEALER_GROW event was dispatched before HHTD_HEALER_BORN
    - - fixes and simplifications in the Announcer module (uses HHTD:pairs_ordered() iterator)
    - Added HHTD:pairs_ordered (t, reverse, SortKey)
    - Markers can now be resized and moved (see the Name Plate Hooker settings)
    - Logging can be disabled and is no longer linked to the announcer module
    - - Heals toward enemies don't count anymore, this was a problem in PVE or when the specialized healers only option is disabled. - Added more info to logs
    - Fixes 'attempt to index local "corpse" (a nil value)' error when mouse-overing a corpse more than once.
    - - HHTD now displays the healer's rank on the symbols to help to better focus important healers: the lowest the higher priority - Huge NamePlateHooker code cleaning and rewrite - Fix copy/past bugs in Announcer.lua
    - - Core rewritten with all the current features in mind. The source code is now way cleaner and simpler than it used to be.
    - Disabled the old class blacklist which is no longer useful since healers are detected upon reaching a threshold and/or by using healers specific spells. (Also allows the new test feature to work on any kind of enemy unit)
    - Fix a strange illogical thing, valid heal target included players and any unit controlled by an NPC instead of players and NPCs (It shouldn't have any bad side effects but reports any strange thing pertaining to NPCs detection). Because of this, an NPC healing a pet was probably wrongly reported as being a healer...
    - Added an option to test what the symbol looks like (select a player/NPC and click on 'Test on Target' in the core option panel)
    - Now using my real name as the author name, I'm sick of this pseudonym

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