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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 4.0.3a


    - - HHTD would not work after being disabled and re-enabled. - Check for player faction after PLAYER_ALIVE fired
    - - Updated Description.txt
    - - Healers-Have-To-Die is now useful in PVE, it's able to ring and add crosses over NPC healers' name plates (can be disabled).
    - FIXES to detection algorithm, only actual players or NPC (if option checked) will be reported as healers. (no longer reporting guardians, pets, etc...)
    - Source cleanup and optimization.
    - Two new options:
    - Core->"Enable for PVE" and core-Name-Plate-Hooker->"Accurate PVE detection"
    - - Added support for AddonLoader. HHTD will be loaded when the player is PVP flagged, enters a battleground or when typing /hhtd - Localization is needed, if you want to contribute: http://www.wowace.com/addons/healers-have-to-die/localization/
    - - Added feedback when setting option through command line. - Cleanup option tables
    - - Announcer module: Added an option to disable sounds - Localized module's names and added descriptions of current working modules. - Fixed configuration's window's title
    - - Pets can no longer be registered as healers
    - - The announcer module now use the general print function (removing the "_Announce" in front of its messages)
    - - fix typo in Lua when disabling the Announcer module - Change options UI to tabs instead of trees to make it fit better in default Blizzard option UI
    - - Moved Announcer.lua modules default option to its own AceDB namespace.
    - - Made some strings 'localizable' - Some code cleanup
    - - Finished conversion to modules. -(New 'Announcer' module, manages sound and text display) - Some fixes to the name plate hooker module. - Options are reset with this version.
    - - Massive code cleanup and re-organization, now using modules for the different add-on parts (not yet finalized)

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