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    Jul 19, 2016
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Supported Game Versions

  • 7.0.3


    - Update TOC for 7.0.
    - Combat checks. * Add more code to check for combat. * Double open config call to jump to options.
    - Add code to not show the windows while in combat.
    - Fix global use of LibStub.
    - Add missing LibAlts to embeds.
    - Fix Lua error when guild name isn't returned.
    - Update advanced search features. * Add Basic/Advanced search button and options. * Add Main/Alt filter.
    - Fix Close button and Remote logins. * Fix Clear button closing the window. * Fix last online time for Remote players.
    - Clear Search Term fix and debug message. * Fix error with clearing search terms. * Add debug message for last online.
    - Add localization for new strings.
    - Initial work on last online search criteria.
    - Add Search and Replace Notes command.
    - Add bulk rank update functionality.

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