Tracking debuffs by SpellID #944

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  • toludin created this issue Feb 4, 2021

    I know you addressed this in a previous issue (#271) a long time ago, but since it was so long ago I was hoping you might reconsider this option at this time. In terms of a use case, I have a special Debuff status set up to color the health bar of frames with specific, dangerous raid/dungeon debuffs via whitelist - and this works great.


    The problem is that sometimes these dangerous debuffs have incredibly generic names. One issue is the regular re-use of the debuff "Fixate" on all sorts of fights. Adding "Fixate" to this whitelist causes a lot of "false positive" issues elsewhere in the game. Another recent example is on Denathrius, where I'd like to track those about to be hit by the sword dash; unfortunately, that debuff is unhelpfully named "Impale" - another very generic name with dozens of similarly named spells (according to Wowhead).


    I used to use Vuhdo for healing frames, and it allowed you to add debuffs by name or spell ID, and would track based on how you added it into the database. I know the reason for you not doing it this way isn't a coding one but rather a CPU usage one (as you stated in the other issue), but I thought I'd just mention what I considered the most "helpful" system I've encountered so far.


    And, of course, if this is just not something you feel is worth adding at this point that's understandable, and thank you again for all your work on this addon.


  • toludin added a tag Enhancement Feb 4, 2021
  • michaelsp posted a comment Feb 8, 2021

    Maybe in version 2.0.0, unfortunatelly i made too many changes in the future 2.0.0-alpha version (develop branch available in github but not official released yet) so i canot provide a estimated release time, there are too many details to finish and test in this new version.

  • toludin posted a comment Feb 13, 2021

    No problem - I appreciate the response and consideration for the request!

  • toludin posted a comment Mar 7, 2022

    I'd like to bump this request, if possible. One of the fights in Sepulcher (Anduin) has a mechanic called Wicked Star. He'll target a few people in a row, and then send out a star at them (dodgeable). The problem is that the debuff he puts on the targets and the debuff you get by getting hit are both called Wicked Star, so there's no way for me to only do something to the frames when the second effect hits someone, rather than the first.


    Is this still something you're considering adding?

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