Statuses seemingly randomly having no duration sweep #793

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  • toludin created this issue Feb 3, 2020

    What version of Grid2 are you using?



    What game client version (windows or mac) and language are you using?

    Windows, English 


    What steps will reproduce the problem?

    I can't reliably reproduce the issue, but it happens at times when a debuff (matching my Debuff status) is applied to a unit in my party/raid.

    Did you try having Grid2 as the only enabled addon and everything else disabled?

    I haven't tried this yet, but can give it a shot


    Was it working in a previous version? If yes, which was the last good one?

    I didn't notice it until at least 8.3, but I can't pinpoint it exactly.


    Do you have an error log of what happened? If you don't see any errors, make sure that error reporting is enabled (`/console scriptErrors 1`) or install [BugSack](

    No errors


    Please provide any additional information below.

    I have a debuff status set up (pictures below) that shows most debuffs on unitframes, with a few spells blacklisted. Seemingly randomly, some abilities with durations are not showing their "cooldown sweep" showing the duration of the debuff on a player. This isn't spell-specific - sometimes the same effect applied at the same time to multiple people shows the sweep on some frames but not others.


    I have several other statuses that show a cooldown sweep and haven't noticed this issue with any of them so far, but I'll be trying to check to see if that's really the case [Edit: I might have it on another status, see below]. I'll be doing more testing as well overall but figured I should file this bug now in case others have seen it as well or have more details to share, or if you happen to know what might be the issue.


    Debuff status:


    Indicator settings:


    Example issue - Bursting applied to all 5 members at the same time here, but some frames show no duration:


    Addendum: this might be a frame-specific issue, not a debuff-specific one. Here's a clip from my raid last night where you can see Frozenpriest get hit by two different debuffs a few times, and none of them show the sweep, while others with the same debuffs do show them.


    You can also see that Netherbrew's Ironskin Brew buff has no cooldown sweep (even though his Debuff status *does*), while Lazek's own buff, Demon Spikes, does have a sweep:



    Checking around the VOD a bit more, it seems no Debuffs on Frozenpriest's status were ever showing a cooldown sweep, and similarly none of Netherbrew's buffs in his buff status were showing a sweep. So this seems to be consistent for a given frame once...created? I'm not sure. I'll try a /reload next time I see this issue.

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  • michaelsp posted a comment Feb 4, 2020

    That is really a strange issue i cannot reproduce, the cooldowns code is straight forward. Can you tell me if the issue happens in single icon indicators too ?

  • toludin posted a comment Feb 4, 2020

     Yes - that defensive buff icon (where Netherbrew's Ironskin Brew was not showing the cooldown sweep) is a single icon buff, not an icons group. Here's it's config:


  • toludin posted a comment Mar 12, 2020

    Is there anything more I can do to help troubleshoot this issue, or provide more details? I was thinking of trying to do a run without OmniCC loaded, or see if I can run fstack on the icon when it's having an issue to see if it's an issue with the swipe not being on top of the icon or something. Any other thoughts?

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