Some problems with overhealing #771

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  • salviro created this issue Nov 24, 2019

    What version of Grid2 are you using?



    What game client version (windows or mac) and language are you using ?

    Windows and English


    What steps will reproduce the problem?

    see below

    Did you try having Grid2 as the only enabled addon and everything else disabled?



    Was it working in a previous version? If yes, which was the last good one?

    I don't know.


    Do you have an error log of what happened? If you don't see any errors, make sure that error reporting is enabled (`/console scriptErrors 1`) or install [BugSack](



    Please provide any additional information below.

    I have tested the last few days different settings and I noticed the following:


    1. For a multibar with "health-current", "heals-incoming", "my-heals-incoming" and "overhealing", I have to disable "Include player heals" in "heals-incoming". After that I don't see my "overhealing" anymore. I only see the "overhealing" of the other players. A separate "Include player heals" would be nice.


    2. I would like to be able to disable the "overhealing" from other players because I have no use and it just confuses me.


    3. The status "overhealing" as a bar next to the health bar sometimes gets stuck and does not update until you heal the target again.


    4. In Retail VisualHeal was a nice addon to avoid overhealing. You could see how much healing arrives before your own healing is done. I tried to simulate it with Grid by setting "heals-incoming" to 2 seconds. Better would be an indicator "heals-incomming-before-my-heal", which adapts to the remaining cast time. Something like this would be nice:


    Not casting:
    |==health current==|==heals-incomming==|


    Casting heal:
    |==health current==|==heals-incomming-before-my-heal==|==my-heal-incomming==|==my-overhealing==|


  • ganbin_js posted a comment Jan 8, 2020

    Hi, I have the same issue, If I want to see my overhealing, I must check the "Include player heals" in the heal-incoming status.


    I have done like you, create a multibar to see a separate color for my heal and others heal and it work great but then the overheal disapare, I have made 10 minute to understand that it is because I had unchecked this checkbox.


    Seems like the overhealing is depend of the heal-incoming status, so if you uncheck the "Include player heals" the overhealing don't display your own overheal.


    Edit : The only difference, is that I also want to see the other player overheal in my situation. The overhealing should be cumulate mine and other players, but I can see that maybe people would like to also see a different color for overhealing like we can make with multibar and incoming heals. For a first thing I would suggest to make the overheal to not differentiate from other or mine but to work if we uncheck the "Include player heals" checkbox

    Edited Jan 8, 2020
  • ganbin_js posted a comment Jan 8, 2020

    One more thing, I have made a separated bar for the incoming to be able to show it outside of the bar, this give me a good effect and it is more visually correct (i have put an opacity so I can still see the next person)

    Edited Jan 8, 2020
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