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Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions

  • 2.5.2



2.0.24 (2021-09-23)

Full Changelog

  • TBC: Updated some raid debuffs data, Added missing The Eye raid debufs, added more debuffs for Kharazan, SSC, added bosses for some raids.
  • Banzai status: Now banzai status can be linked to text indicators.
    Banzai status: Now a spells Allowlist can be defined for banzai status.
  • Added missing ChatThrottleLib file library reference.
  • updated pkgmeta-classic
  • Ignoring some libraries.
  • Moved healcomm lib to local repository
  • Changed libhealcomm4 repository.
  • BugFix: Pets appearing out of range at 20 yards for Range40 (ticket #1043)
    BugFix: Now player pet must appear in range when solo for Range40, but using a 20y check, because UnitInRange() does not work when solo so its not possible to check for 40y for pet when solo.