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Supported WoW Burning Crusade Classic Versions

  • 2.5.1



2.0.6-beta (2021-05-09)

Full Changelog

  • Added new command line options to manage minimapIcon visibility and spec profiles (ticket #955)
  • Using Blizzard Secure Group Headers in Classic TBC version.
  • Added RaidDebuffs module for Classic TBC version.
  • Added X-Wago-ID to TOC file.
  • Added burning crusade TOC info.
    Now in burning crusade client the addon does not use SecureGroupHeaders (workaround for a blizzard loadstring bug).
  • Now the option to display the "focus" unit, is visible for TBC version.
  • Now the option to disable blizzard secure group headers is always visible in layouts setup.
  • Several fixes for The Burning Crusade version, thanks to humfras.
  • Fixing leader status, ticket #963
  • Raid debuffs: Now multiple icons support for icons indicators can be enabled (ticket #960)
  • Retail TOC Update
  • Fixed a crash in shields status.
  • Now "use unsecure unit frames" option in layouts is hidden by default (Grid2 debugging must be enabled to unhide this option)
  • Removed wrong multi-icons support code in typeless status.
    Added an option to detach all group headers.
  • Fixed a bug in roster management when ToggleForVehicle option was enabled.
  • Now in layout test mode headers are always movable.
    Now playerClass filter in old profiles is upgraded to the new filter system.
  • Now focus/target/bosses units visibility can be toggled from Layouts/General configuration.
  • Fixing a bug when displaying name in test mode.
    Reorganized layouts configuration options.
  • Renamed special header to custom header.
    Added 1px border textures.
  • Now auto-generated headers (by group layout) cannot be detached.
    Fixing a crash in classic range due to missing UnitPhaseReason() function.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Now Phased status should work in instances and can be linked to alpha indicator.
  • Merge pull request #8 from fxrs/minor-typo
    Minor change in enUS locale (typo)
  • Added missing playerClass filter for statuses.
    Fixing a bug in unitClass filter for aura statuses.
  • Added Zone Name/ID filter to Statuses Filter.
    Now health-deficit status can display health percent for enemy units instead of health deficit.
  • Added an option in health-deficit status to display health percent for enemy units.
  • Minor change in enUS locale (typo)
  • Hide decoracion for empty detached headers.
  • Improvements in layout positioning, now main frame position is stored per layout if the layout has some header detached.
  • Undo an unnecessary fix.
  • Test mode and detached headers: fixing some crashes, improvements.
  • Improvements in layout test mode.
  • Reimplemented layout test mode using insecure headers, now real units are displayed in test mode.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Added support for arena opponents in special headers.
    Removed some events in Death status.
  • Some changes in headers iterator function.
  • Now line helpers are displayed during main frame dragging too.
  • Better handling of detached headers initial positioning.
  • Implemented background and border decorations for detached headers.
  • Better handling headers dragging, at the end of the drag proceses, if the two frames intersect while ALT modifier is pushed the headers border size is not taken in account to snap the frames.
  • Fixing some bugs in new detaching headers dragging code.
  • Now the user can press ALT while moving a detached header to snap the header to another headers corners, a highlight border is displayed too, to assist in the frame dragging process.
  • Layout Editor: Now headers of custom layouts can be detached.
  • Fixing several bugs in friendly/hostile filter for statuses.
  • Debuffs Groups: Refactored and now the filter conditions can be strict/non-strict (and/or conditions).
  • Fixing a crash in retail options due to classic changes in previous commit.
  • Fixing some crashes in classic, removed old class filter option.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • GridRoster and status filters: Added normal, heroic & mythic instance types for dungeons.
  • Removed player faction filter.
  • Implemented unit class/unit reaction filters for aura statuses.
  • Little refactoring in status filter code.
  • -Implemented load filters for statuses. Now each status can be enabled/disabled depending of the player class/spec/faction/group type or instance type.
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into develop
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Now Name status text is configurable for empty/non-existent units.
  • Fixed ReadCheck status to only display readycheck status on grouped units.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Better handling of aura clearing when units are updated.
  • Now special headers can be created using the LayoutEditor.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Fixing a minor bug in focus and target units of special headers.
    Fixing more statuses that now work with enemy and focus/target units.
  • -Enabled frame precreation trick for insecure frames.
    -Minimal changes in status range code.
  • Fixed, Range status was not correctly calculating the heal range.
  • GroupHeaders unused buttons hide code moved to reduce the number of roster leaves/joins.
  • Merge branch 'master' into develop
  • Minimal adjustements in GridGroupHeaders.lua
  • Moved nameList+roleFilter/GroupFilter management from GridLayout.lua to GridGroupHeaders.lua
    Refactored nameList filter code in GridGroupHeaders, moved nameList filter management to the general filter function.
    Removed unused functions from GridUtils.
  • Fixed a bug in new special group header.
    Minor changes.
  • Added a grouped_units table in GridRoster, used by some statuses.
    Refactored headers initializing code to fix several bugs in GridLayout.
    Refactored StatusRange to work with hostile units.
    Minor fixes in GridGroupHeaders and another statuses.
    Fixing bug: Unit frames not visible when changing layout & instance while in combat (ticket #923)
  • Fixing several bugs in new GridRoster Code.
    Fixing some non working statuses due to roster code changes.
  • Removed some superfluous event unregistration code.
  • Fixing a crash due to an incorrect variable initialization in GridGroupHeaders.lua
  • -Refactored GridRoster code using a more simple and faster implementation.
    -Implemented new InsecureGroupHeaders that can be used instead of Blizzard SecureGroupHeaders.
    -Implemented a new Special Insecure Group Header to display target,focus, bosses, and another special units.
    -Fixed some statuses to work with the new roster and group headers system.