Play sounds through the Master sound channel #338

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  • Retlaw created this issue Feb 25, 2011

    Since 4.0.6, they have updated the Sound API to allow you to specify which sound channel you want to play a given sound on, so you can have addons play sounds again even if sound effects are disabled, like they used to do before patch 4.0.

    MainWindow.lua(2609): frame:HookScript("OnShow", function() PlaySound("igCharacterInfoOpen","Master") end)
    MainWindow.lua(2610): frame:HookScript("OnHide", function() if frame:IsVisible() then PlaySound("igCharacterInfoClose",Master") end CloseTradeSkill() end)

    Queue.lua(2543): frame:HookScript("OnShow", function() PlaySound("igCharacterInfoOpen","Master") GnomeWorks:ShowQueueList() end)
    Queue.lua(2544): frame:HookScript("OnHide", function() PlaySound("igCharacterInfoClose","Master") end)

    ScrollFrame.lua(776): PlaySound("UChatScrollButton","Master")
    ScrollFrame.lua(785): PlaySound("UChatScrollButton","Master")

    Window.lua(864): PlaySound("igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn","Master")

  • Retlaw added the tags New Enhancment Feb 25, 2011

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