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  • Enigma256 created this issue Jan 25, 2011

    is there a way to disable taking into account milling when queueing items? it screws up KTQ, i'd rather the addon just trades all inks like it did in WotLK

    on a related note? is there even a configuration option anywhere?

    /edit: a workaround is just moving the herbs to a disabled location, but that can't be the answer

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  • lilsparky posted a comment Jan 25, 2011

    there isn't much of a config system yet.  however, i think i would probably handle this outside a standard config scenario anyway.  i think the best solution would be to allow a user to blacklist certain recipes (such as Mill HerbX or Prospect OreY).  at the same time, i think having a preferred recipe associated with each reagent would be useful.

    this would be handled probably as a right-click option in the reagent breakdown...

  • Enigma256 posted a comment Jan 25, 2011

    and i just noticed, it tries to mill single herbs. i have all herbs below 5 stuffed in my bank and if i don't disable the bank it wants me to get those 1-4 herbs out to mill them (which obviously won't work)

  • lilsparky posted a comment Jan 25, 2011

    hmm... does it also want to get some more of the same herbs from another source (alt or ah)?

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