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  • Yeoman created this issue Dec 28, 2010

    Is it possible to make sorting in queue window by amount, that must be created?

    It's often can be useful, if i queue with KTQ glyphs, need to make 500-800 of them, but have no time for them all, and want to make only those, who are almost out of stock (highest number). For now i just do a time consuming process of going trough all queue and bumping to top glyphs, that have highest count, make them in 5-10 minutes, and then leave my queue for next day, as others are not so urgent.

    Of course other way around is if i can set skipsingles for more than 1 in KTQ, but as i understand it's not possible.

  • Yeoman added the tags New Enhancment Dec 28, 2010
  • Lupusek posted a comment Dec 31, 2010

    I'd also like an option to push all craftable items to the top, and items that require additional mats to the bottom.

  • Yeoman posted a comment Jan 3, 2011

    Yea, that's a good idea, to sort them by items that are white, and then those that are red.

  • lilsparky posted a comment Jan 13, 2011

    gw actually basis craftability on the state of the inventory at the time of the expected execution of the recipe. perhaps it would be more clear to color these recipes something different to indicate that they're not actually craftable unless the previous crafts are executed.

    still, it should be possible to sort by craftable with current inventory (or even simply filter by currently craftable).

    as far as sorting by number queued, that would be doable as well. just need to wire in all the hooks to the queue frame....

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