Skillups and racial bonuses #257

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  • Sabrejack2 created this issue Dec 27, 2010

    Gnomeworks does not seem to take into account my draenai racial gemcutting bonus of +10 when coloring recipes green/yellow/orange.  The percentage chance of skillup also seems incorrect.

    As you can see, the default blizzard UI shows I still get skillups from my amberjewel cut, but GnomeWorks thinks I have surpassed it.  I can confirm I do in fact get skillups from it.

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    <p>gnomeworks r100</p>

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  • lilsparky posted a comment Oct 24, 2012

    is this still an issue? i think since 4.0, the ui has information about the active skill bonuses so they can be compensated out when determining skill up chance. i'll try to see if that's happening appropriately.

    might also add a verification system to detect cases where the server says a skill is one color but gw says it's another.

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