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2010-10-24  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

[aa341f3fdd8b] [tip]
* Gnomario.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua

Finally, a working physics engine, yay.
Moved test bricks about a bit so Gnomario can actually use them for jumping around.

* Gnomario.lua Gnomario_AI.lua Gnomario_Creatures.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua Textures/gnome_test.tga

More work on physics + collisions done.
Added a temp gnome texture for the player instead of the yellow square.
More bricks to jump around on!

2010-10-23  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* Gnomario.lua Gnomario_Creatures.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Levels.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua

Collision tests (yellow square vs big brick!)

* Gnomario.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua

Added jumping sound
Added pause function (P key)
Rearranged the background services a bit

* .pkgmeta, Gnomario.lua Gnomario.toc Gnomario_Creatures.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Levels.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua Textures/brick_special.tga Textures/brick_standard.tga embeds.xml

Added brick textures
Physics engine now has gravity, yay.
Testing with a standin-gnome (aka a yellow square) that can walk and jump.
Added libraries for map editor
Updated pkgmeta

2010-10-22  Humbedooh  <Humbedooh>

* Gnomario_AI.lua Gnomario_Creatures.lua Gnomario_Engine.lua Gnomario_Levels.lua Gnomario_Physics.lua

Added default AI script, creature prototypes and phases (player, murloc, hogger)
Added templates for physics, levels, AI and game engine.

* .pkgmeta, Gnomario.lua Gnomario.toc Sounds/cannon.ogg Sounds/coin.ogg Sounds/death.ogg Sounds/fireball.ogg Sounds/jump.ogg Sounds/pause.ogg Sounds/pipe.ogg Sounds/powerup.ogg Sounds/smash.ogg embeds.xml

templates and sounds, so I don't have to add those later.