Game crash and insane FPS drop with this settings #184

  • Akonovo created this issue Jul 20, 2021

    With this settings in WTF/Account/<accountname>/SavedVariables, the game slows down a lot, with a frame drop to a frame each 10-15 seconds, and eventually crashing with "wow.exe stopped working":


    Ive had this settings since Season 1, and played like 100 matches in season 2, until now it suddenly started to fail. And only fails once arena gates opens. ive been testing all addons until i detected which one was causing this issue. Ive tested in shaman (resto/elemental) and hunter (marksmanship), in both of them the game freezes to 1 frame each 10-15sec. Game audio works perfectly.


    Ive made an screenshot showing nvidia details at top left so you can check system performance GladiusEx Crash


    I can record a video recreating the issue and showing all addons disabled (only gladiusEx) if needed



  • Akonovo posted a comment Jul 20, 2021


    Removing GladiusEx.lua and GladiusEx.lua.bak from Account/SavedVariables and running the addon with default config, fix it.

    In screenshot you can also see how even blizzards "release spirit" button fails to load due the insane slow down this setting gives.


    I can record a video if needed

  • Akonovo edited title and description Jul 20, 2021
  • Likeyn posted a comment Oct 27, 2021

    Hey, I got the exact same issue and my tests show that the culprit is the "Show only dispellable" option in the "Auras" module; untick that and it should work fine. Hope that helps

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