Frame Transparency Indication of stealthed Enemy #102

  • rammmdo22 created this issue Oct 23, 2020

    independently from the issue I reported a couple of days ago, i've had a different issue in all of BfA and I still have it.
    I tried several settings under Arena/ General/ Transparency, but the frame transparency indication of stealthed or dead enemy players remains wobbly and unreliable. E. g. , I can't immediately see from merely looking at the arena frames, that an enemy rogue gets out of stealth, as the player is indicated as „visible“ before he first actually gets out of stealth. This may sound nitpicky as there are other ways to notice that, of course, but in some situations and at some positioning, this awareness lag can be significant, at any rate, the transparency bug is annoying, even if it only means losing a split second of awareness.
    I like GladiusEx for certain reasons and prefer it over competing addons, that's why I'd be glad if this frame transparency bug might be resolved.

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