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    Mar 8, 2015
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 6.1.0


    - healthbar, powerbar: the bars are now shown as 1/1 when the unit doesn't exists (for example, during arena preparation)
    - tags: fixed some tags giving incorrect information during arena preparation
    - highlight: desaturated the mouseover highlight texture so that it can actually can be configured to be of any color
    - classicon: changed Chains of Ice root (Chilblains) to be tracked by spellid
    - classicon: added support for tracking important auras by spellid and added a few auras with conflicting names by spellid
    - replaced outdated LibSpecRoster with LibGroupInSpecT
    - classicon: added a few missing auras (again thanks to Leilameda)
    - fixed an issue with the cooldown spirals being show as if they had charges
    - auras: fixed issue that could make auras not show after copying the settings from the other group
    - castbar: fix text wrapping issues
    - tags: fixed texts wrapping to the next line instead of being truncated

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