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tag v1.1
Xinhuan <xinhuan@pacific.net.sg>
2008-10-18 08:27:54 +0000

Tag v1.1


    Remove tsvn:logtemplate. Remove Locales.xml and put it into the TOC. Update TOC to 30000 and version to 1.1. Put ## LoadWith: GatherMate because GatherMate can be LoD if AddOnLoader is used.
    Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    added/updated ruRU localization
    Report if some key got unbound when binding "Toggle GatherHud".
    Add zhCN and zhTW localization from NightOwl
    Update TOC to 20400
    Added a missing optimization line for the "Use Camera Pitch" option. Without it, it was redrawing all icons every frame, so CPU usage was 10x higher than necessary.
    Fix icon depth effect when looking up from below.
    Removed unused variable, some small optimizations
    Patch from HunterZ0, to make icon-depth vary with the camera pitch.
    Fix for GatherHud.lua:250 attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'offset' (a nil value)
Hendrk Leppkes:
    fix for GM data change
    Added keybind to toggle GatherHud on/off. Added "Use Camera Pitch" settings.
    GatherHud will now honor visibility and filter settings in GatherMate and update them immediately on configuration changes.
    Fixed the following error "line 276: attempt to perform arithmetic on upvalue 'cx' (a nil value)" that occurs when you try to change a setting while the hud hasn't been displayed before since login.
    frFR Update
    Update code to work with the new Routes SV format.
    Set up addon enabling/disabling.
    Localize all the used strings
    Update the config menu
    Commit current changes
    Add a HuD Alpha option.
    Remove all externals and embeds since we depend on GatherMate.
    Don't show HuD in combat too.
    Hide the HuD when in an instance/inn/city
    Add an option to show a "North indicator" on the HuD border
    Don't name the frame the same name as the addon object.
    Small optimization
    Add code to check for line intersections at 2 points
    Add comments, cleanup code slightly, minor optimizations, add a checkbox to disable GatherHud.
    Replace HuD circle artwork again
    Apply intersection finding code to only draw lines inside the circle. Huzzah!
    Commit last working code
    Replace Grum's ugly HuD circle with a pretty one. Add option to show/hide this HuD circle, and update logic to hide it in instances.
    Get the proper route color now
    Fix a nil error temporarily
    Fix some errors
    Commit preliminary Routes support. Turns out to be pretty superfluous though, because I sure as hell would be staring at the minimap to see blips, not the lines on the HuD!
    - Commented out TOC lines that load libraries, since we depend on GatherMate
    - Changed some default setting values and min/max ranges, renamed some variables
    - Get rid of debug lines
    - Change HuD to use degrees for angel of view setting instead of calling it Y-Compression
    - Fixed 0 width/height possibilities
    - Hide update frame in :OnDisable()
    - Some code cleanup
Erik Broes:
    - New graphic for border, also shows when changing hud_x/y
    - Added graphic to represent size of the hud (disappears after 2 seconds)
    - Added option for icon alpha
    - Self-circle will remain in center unless hud_x/y is changed
    - Added graphics for 'self'. (Badly named in code)
    - Added options to alter the color (y compression also affects it)
    - Activated Locales.
    - Added first set of options (no localization yet)
    - Fixed lingering line (caused problems with z-indexing)
    - Further speed improvements in z-index code
    Fixed z-indexing.
    better depth_offset number
    - Changed textures to be on frames to implement z-indexing, doesn't work flawlessly enough atm
    Add stub files for locales
Erik Broes:
    - Ditched useless `else` and old comments
    - Code now zone-change aware
    - Ratelimit redraw unless we turned or moved more than 2 yards
    - Cleaned some uglyness
    - Added alpha and iconscaling on distance
    - Fixed AceHook error
    - Added files & fixed externals
    - Pre Alpha code - yet workingish (depends on GatherMate)
    Wish I know how to combine these commits ^^